When Epirous gained its freedom from the Turkish occupation in 1913 the residents of Koukouli lost large parts of land that until then had exploited, because of the fact that they didn't have ''mats'' (official ownership papers). Many Koukouliotes also lost their property in Smyrna in the Asia Minor disaster of 1922.
A turning point on the historical route of Koukouli was the appearance of Sarakatsanoi.
Initially on this region they used to rent mountain Astraka and later on they have been settled in the village.
In the Greek-Italian war in Albania John Svolos was killed.He was a Sarakatsanos from Koukouli.
During the German occupation the  Germans came to the village twice, in 1943 and in March 1944. They didn't damage the village, but they arrested and sent to a concentration camp in Germany the teacher Constantine Lenis, who returned safe and sound after the war.
In 1942 Koukouli became the headquarters of a company of rebels of ELAS.
At that time two major forms of Letters stand out : Professor Peter Kokkoros and teacher Kostas Lazaridis.
From the 60's decline begins again. Many Koukouliotes (Inhabitants of Koukouli) migrate to Germany and Sarakatsanoi start to shift towards literature and education, abandoning the nomadism and animal husbandry. In nowadays people that come from Koukouli, either originated directly from the land of Zagori or Sarakatsanoi, have all a high level of education apart of some rare exeptions..