Old noble family from Koukouli.
Constantine was the founder Stroumbos had 2 children, Stephen and George. Wealthy family of traders with shops in Ioannina. They settled in 1830 in Patras and the benefactions to the Cocoon was very important.
Children of Stephen, Demetrios and Peter Stroumbos studied in the Ionian Academy and was the first fellows of Kapodistrias in Paris for postgraduate studies. Were university professors, Demetrius of Physics and Peter Law. Demetrius sent continuously all the books he needed in school cocoons and left the village for 1000 gold deposit Drs.
George Stroumbos founded in 1859 in Patras in Achaean Girls who completed his nephew George and his son Constantine in 1881 and became the Stroumpeio School Street in Maizonos 26.