Born in 1754 in Koukouli, and where he learned his first letters. Presented as a scholar in the various documents of the village, and before 1800.
Honest, hardworking, and intelligent diplomat became the most important adviser able minister of Ali Pasha. Was poor. I never wanted to abuse the empystosyni that touche smooth, for his own benefit. That is why the tyrant to appreciate much. The influence exerted to Ali, and that is saved from certain death by famous Economou on the economy when he wanted to kill him smooth.
The reason the law was and all they said: "The Sun Manthos said.
Was initiated in 1817 by the secrets of the Friendly Society and became general agent of the Friendly Society on the continent.
Negotiated with the British market and urged Parga Ali Pasha in establishing schools.
Take care in 1819 establishing the Central School Zagoria on Koukouli.
When Ali Pasha besieged by the sultan troops, sent as a secretary in Metsovo Omer Pasha. There he beheaded the Ismail Pasha on August 22, 1820.