That was the most creative period for Koukouli, within which the village had a great economical and spiritual development.
In this period the great buildings and structures that we see today were built:The Church of the Assumption, the old schoolthe fountains,the bridges and big houses e.t.c..
During this period a lot of money poured in from emigrants expatriates in Istanbul, Asia Minor, Russia, Wallachia e.t.c..
In the education sector initially was only the lower school and in the year 1780 a higher school started to operate.
In the year 1880 a Girls school was established which operated until 1919 and in 1820 the Central School of Zagoria was founded, being compared with the famous Ioannina School.The Central School of Zagoria had a very valuable library. Many students of this School later became professors and university rectors.
There is a long list of donors and benefactors who offered in a sensitive way to the church,to the school, to the poor and in various charitable works, helping that way the village.
Distinct personalities left indelible stamp in the village. Such was Manthos and his brother Christodoulos Ekonomou, Demetrius and George Stroumbos,the Koutouzis family, the Sakelariou family and the Plakidas family .
When in 1868 the privileges had stopped to be given and the autonomy of Zagoria was removed by the Turkish Authorities who at that time they had been installed in Tsepelovo , the decline of  Koukouli began.