The Epitaph of our village


The Epitaph

It was built in Vienna and it was a rare ecclesiastical artwork, embroidered with solid gold.
It was a donation of our fellow villager Alexios Plakidas who also donated another identical Epitaph to the Athens Cathedral.(picture above).
In 1936 it was stolen from the Church of Koukouli , without an apparent break in and till now nobody knows who stole it and how he entered the Church, since the doors of the Church are considered inviolable.

The Brotherhood of Koukouli inhabitants (Koukouliotes) "Eugene Plakidas" appeals to anyone who has any information about the stolen Epitaph to contact the President of the Board or any other member.

Kostas Lazaridis

Κώστας Λαζαρίδης

Separate figures who played an important role in the cultural life of Koukouli.
Teacher, writer and amateur botanist, local historian and folklorist left work of great value.
Born in 1904. He was the son of Paul Lazaridis and Moscho, nee Papageorgiou from Kapesovo. The first letters learned in Koukouli, then went to the Sholarhio Vitsa and secondary school in Zosimaia in Ioannina.
Teacher and was appointed to Welcome 1924. In 1926 he was appointed to the Koukouli, where he served until 1951.
In 1929-1930 he attended the agricultural college of Ioannina, in 1930-1932 went giametekpaidefsi at Athens University and 1951-1952 took sabbaticals, where he attended a teaching Institute in Geneva.
In 1935 he married Penelope Goura from Tsepelovo without having children.
In 1962 he retired and worked on the writing of folklore and historical books and the collection of plants and herbs in Zagori gathering around 1260 plants.
The writer's work consists of 53 books, 25 prints and 88 articles in magazines and Hestia Mainland Zagori us.
Before his death he made a gift deed in life of all movable and immovable property which was the house where now houses the Cultural Center in Koukouli. Thus was established the "Cultural Center Lazarideio Rizareiou Church School" in the hood is housed in the old house of great grandfather Asterinou cock.
He died on 17 September 1987 on the square of Koukouli, the time was talking to the Prefect of Ioannina to the problems of the village ..