Peter Kokkoros





Distinguished personalities of literature and endowed with many virtues. Thanks to the great persistence and hard work he managed to do brilliant study in Greece and Germany to become professor of Mineralogy and Rector of the University of Thessaloniki.
He died in 1981 and the funeral was held in Cocoon, according to desire.
He was the first investigated the Petralona Cave in Halkidiki.

He was a member of the Research Foundation, the Institute of Geology and Subsurface Research, Continental Filekpedeftiki Company and Continental House of Letters and Arts.
The real estate consisting of three apartments in Ioannina and Thessaloniki left in order to provide ypotrofiesse students at the University of Ioannina distinguished for their performance and would like further specific study abroad. The real estate consisting of three apartments in Ioannina and Thessaloniki left in order to provide ypotrofiesse students at the University of Ioannina distinguished for their performance and would like further specific study abroad.

Installing Sarakatsanoi

After 1870 the families of Sarakatsani were sheep in the mountains of Astraka forced the Turks to stay in their villages, so we installed In Koukouli.

The 1917-1918 written necessarily in the registers of male Koukouli Sarakatsani 51 people from the largest living at that time to the smallest born in 1915.

The 1928-1931 written in the population register of the village and 6 families Sarakatsani because me and winters in Koukouli to go to their children at school who threatened to remove.

In 1938 in 1223/38 between law of Koukouli were residents who had Sarakatsanoi sheep in the Astraka, the mountains of Koukoul.

Decline of the Koukouli

The decline in Zagoria began in 1868 after the lifting of autonomy.
Lack of resources was the main cause of migration. At first only men migrate and women had the whole care of the household.
Lambridis writes: "The proagogin this generally has the Zagorisios in the voitheian of his wife. Pafsitai which held when to act and latter from forfeited and destroyed, and the Zagorion erimoutai ... The decline and many passages starting from the 1855 on the resignation women from routine operations and those of the eisdysasis luxury and wastefulness ... "
Another reason was the raids, which were multiplied by installing the Turkish authorities to Tsepelovo. Because of the predatory raids wealthy migrants had epenegkatastathei their villages were forced to leave and settle in Ioannina and in other cities in Greece and abroad.
Koukouli could not be an exception to this decline. The exodus of Koukoulioton the village are dreadful. The prosperity in foreign lands and the establishment there provided all the guarantees for a better zoi.Polloi of them never came back ever again.....


Appeared in Koukoul mountains around 1790, which passed in the summer and winter descend on the region of Preveza, in Aitoloakarnania, Thesprotia, the Thessalian plain and Attikovoiotia.
Until 1870 lived and their families near the sheep in the mountains.

In 1870 AD Turks were forced these to remain in their villages.

So in Koukouli who lived in huts built on the sites' Bougatsa 'and 'Dothe Paroumia"

The robbery

On the night of 14 to 15 July 1891, 11 sidekick and five robbers entered the courtyard of the house of Plakida, and with hatchets broke doors and windows of the house.
The robbers walked into the house itself as it did not have guardians because the owners considered inviolable and arrested the old man Andrew tiles.
Deduct Ottoman jewelry worth 250 pounds and having 500 pounds and got asked to take their captives Alexandra, daughter of Andrew Tiles and wife of Leonidas Georgitsis, the doctor Dikorfo Zagoria, and Eugenia, wife of Eugene Plakida for the ransom.

The twelve then Georgitsis Pericles, son of Leonidas Georgitsis suggested the robbers to get him prisoner instead of his mother Alexandra because it was to care for his sister Iphigenia, which elected.
The robbers thought advantageous to the proposed exchange and took with them after Eugenia and small Pericles and a servant, the user, fled to the mountains of Astraka.

In principle the requirements of bandits for the release of the hostages was 15,000 pounds. This amount seemed excessive and the robbers took down the ransom at 8000 pounds and clocks from a dozen gold, waistcoat crossed felt, and skates foustanela two telescopes.
They left their hostages in a cave guarded by two robbers and other persecuted by Turkish detachment left the mountain a mountain, to the Iliochori the font, the Flambourari, Metsovo Elati and arrived at as mentioned in a narrative.
After negotiations with the kidnappers Leonidas Georgitsis, the amount katevite at 1500 pounds which was taken by the kidnappers along with other types of demand and August 4 let the prisoners free after 21 days in captivity