The decline in Zagoria began in 1868 after the lifting of autonomy.
Lack of resources was the main cause of migration. At first only men migrate and women had the whole care of the household.
Lambridis writes: "The proagogin this generally has the Zagorisios in the voitheian of his wife. Pafsitai which held when to act and latter from forfeited and destroyed, and the Zagorion erimoutai ... The decline and many passages starting from the 1855 on the resignation women from routine operations and those of the eisdysasis luxury and wastefulness ... "
Another reason was the raids, which were multiplied by installing the Turkish authorities to Tsepelovo. Because of the predatory raids wealthy migrants had epenegkatastathei their villages were forced to leave and settle in Ioannina and in other cities in Greece and abroad.
Koukouli could not be an exception to this decline. The exodus of Koukoulioton the village are dreadful. The prosperity in foreign lands and the establishment there provided all the guarantees for a better zoi.Polloi of them never came back ever again.....