Founder of the family was Alexios Kanetsos. Children of Alexios Kanetsou was Constantine, who had two children, Alexios and Andreas which in 1841 signed a "Plakidas.
The family Plakida acquired large real estate properties in Dacia and Bessarabia, where Alex took the title of "Spatharis". Alexius Plakidas died in 1866 in Dacia. With money, however, was the north side of the Church of cocoons in the year 1853. Together with his brother Andrew restored the "Monks' bridge of our village in the year 1863 to 1866 and then renamed the bridge Plakida. Also donated to the Diocese of Athens valuable Funeral, Holy Bible and other precious church utensils.
Andreas Plakidas born before the year 1820 and a very old man died after the year 1891. He had close links with Koukouli. Pandreftike Cocoon acquired in Alexandra, Eugenics and Kostas. On the night of 14 to 15 July 1891 Evgenoula robbers kidnapped the wife of Eugene and the nephew of Pericles, which lasted 21 days requesting a ransom of 15,000 pounds for the release. After the robbery with great sadness the family Plakida Koukouli left to settle in Ioannina.

Eugenios was gentle in nature, bland ways, theosevestatos kai a supreme degree filesplachnos, altruistic, and virtuous.
He have not made higher education. The first letters taught in schools in Koukouli, where echise and longer life.
He traveled regularly to Bessarabia, where he had business and family farms tiles. Has never stopped loving Koukouli, where them regularly send money to their needs, religious, educational, and other sygkoinoniakes. In his will he left 21,000 gold francs, that the interest to be placed on the poor and the priests of Koukouli and a public interest in implementation of projects in Koukouli.
The community of Koukouli minutes of the August 27, 1909 anakyrixe the benefactor. The benefactions are not limited only to the Cocoon. Spent large sums to the city of Ioannina to the hospital Hatzikosta for the building of Zosimaia School for the repair and enrichment Archimantreiou of St. Catherine, etc. During this period tried hard blow of fate to the death of two male children on the flower of their age (one was 20 and one 17 years old).
He died on March 7, 1919.