John Koutouzis was sister of the groom on Stroumpaion. He had two children Peter and Christodoulos.
Peter Koutouzis was born in 1850 in Koukouli where he learned and the first letters. Became a professor in Korce which was blended into a liberating organization. This organization was betrayed and came close to getting caught and hanged by the Turks. Fled to Athens where he escaped.
Christodoulos Koutouzis was a doctor with postgraduate studies in Paris and Vienna.
He settled in Smyrna in 1885, which stood like a doctor with great presentations in medical conferences nationwide. Outstanding personality with varied activities and national action. Member of the Philharmonic Society and Director of the National Society of Hellenism. Superintendent in the Central Girls of Smyrna, where he taught Somatologia and Hygiene. He died in 1922 in Izmir.
His son John and Stephen, son of Peter, donated the land with 175,000 drachmas. Building the new school of cocoons. The north side of a small marble plaque says "Built in 1936 with money Koutouzis Stephen P. - former mansion Stroumbos - Koutouzis.