In Zagori all bridges were built by guilds of craftsmen who were skilled in building bridges, something that was very difficult and required great skills.
In the beginning a wooden frame was set and then the building got started with stones as the main building material. Building was made simultaneously on both sides of the walls and gradually was continued up, towards the top. All bridges are not built with the same manner. Depending on the width of the river they have one or more arcs. Their width is approximately two meters and the road on them is paved with black stone.
Four stone bridges with arches belong to Koukouli.They lie on the Vikos river Canyon: The Misios bridge, the bridge of Noutsos or Kokkoros, the bridge of Plakidas or Kalogeriko (the one that belongs to the monks) and the bridge of Kontodimos or Lazaridis.
Next to these four bridges were, respectively, four Mills which were on the right side of the river, towards Koukouli. Because of their proximity to the corresponding bridge they bear the same name.
Today these Mills are standing as ruins..