This created a very old Zotos Rousis by Negades and was wooden.
In 1814 the abbot of the monastery of Prophet Elias who had a mill built the present three-arched stone bridge and therefore called "Monks".
The Monks Bridge repaired twice, in 1866 by Alexis and Andrew Tiles and in 1912 by Eugene tiles. So he took the name "Bridge of Plakida. In 1964 was declared "a listed historical monument.

The mill was the oldest mill in Κουκουλι, since no document of 1672 states that belonged to someone from Koukouli.
In 1732 the monastery of Prophet Elias bought the mill and operated for 120 years.

In 1851 proxy Andreas Plakida from Koukouli bought the mill from the monastery and had revenues for the school.
This mill was nerotrivi and mantania and the end of the 19th century no longer works.